The University of Calabria (UNICAL)  is a public university which has the aim to enrich the cultural progress in the fields of human, economic and technological sciences. UNICAL promotes scientific and educational excellence and puts in place, at all organizational levels, assessment actions of structures, faculty and managerial, technical, administrative and librarians’ staff as well as external collaborators. UNICAL has always been distinguished for its special attention to the quality of innovation in research and education, internationalization and variety of study programs.

The Department of Mechanical, Energy, and Management Engineering – DIMEG, involved in ScienceDiver project, was founded in 2012 by the unification of the Department of Mechanical Engineering with some research groups of other two departments: the Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems and the Department of Business Science. The multidisciplinary nature of the academic fields allows covering all areas of industrial engineering.

DIMEG has great expertise in the development of technologies and methods for supporting the monitoring, conservation, and exploitation of the underwater natural and cultural heritage. In particular, it has obtained excellent results in numerous research projects, in the development of new technologies for the digitization and exploitation of the submerged sites in virtual and augmented reality environments, in the implementation of systems and methodologies to build geo-referenced 3D models of underwater archaeological and natural sites, in design and manufacturing of multimedia exhibits based on VR and AR technologies for museum layouts.