ScienceDIVER Demo Videos


The development of the ScienceDIVER skills is a progressive process, that is facilitated both by starting from the simpler ones and progressing to the more complex ones as well as by the inclusion of clearly recognized steps that might be used as check points for the performance of the sequential skills. That is, the ScienceDIVER skills are presented in a sequence, mentioning the steps for practicing them during the Pilot Training Programme. This sequence in included in the ScienceDIVER Student’s Manual.

The demo videos and photos, though resulting from a pilot stage, are considered a necessary tool for documenting the applied scientific methods and techniques, shaping the educational methodology and for providing the training material (for the Pilot Training Programme). The main features of each task are highlighted by exporting video frames as Demo Pictures. Following this demo video production and after the performance of the Pilot Training Programme, it is planned the final shooting of a film that will accompany the updated version of the ScienceDIVER Student’s Manual. Demo videos and a film based on the final shootings will be available online.

Video recordings of the ScienceDIVER Skills

Video recording is recognized by itself a distinctive task during a scientific diving project. For the purposes of designing the Skill development section of the ScienceDIVER Student’s Manual and supporting the description of the more practical scientific diving training topics, a number of video recordings was necessary. Primary, in order to analyze the performance of tasks, secondary to recognize the main features of each task and finally to investigate for any possible improvements for a comprehensive demonstration of the ScienceDIVER skills. Furthermore, apart their educational value, those video recordings are providing useful primal material for dissemination purposes.
Before the final shooting of any film, there are two preparatory stages. One is the rehearsal stage where the appropriate site is selected and the second is the pilot stage (for the test shooting). For the development of the Pilot Training Programme Manual, were organized such rehearsal and test shootings of the ScienceDIVER skills, in order to evaluate their application in real conditions, to document the required steps for each task and to propose the optimum performance in sake of training.