The company envirocom supports clients in the preparation of information material, events or panel discussions on topics ranging from biodiversity to biotechnology, nature tourism, nature sport activities and scietific diving. It conducts seminars, workshops, advanced training courses and symposia, it is a leader in innovative ideas and supports clients through strategic planning. Living, complex, interdisciplinary knowledge combined with imagination and creativity, experimental learning, MINT education (MINT = mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology) and educational equity play an important role for envirocom. The clients benefit from many years of national and international experience with projects in education for sustainable development.


envirocom offers an extensive international network of experts for the preparation of expert opinions, planning and execution of scientific studies. This based on the long-standing experiences of the founder and owner Ralph Schill. His task was to expand national and international networks, initiate new research projects, bring project partners together, raise and manage third-party and budget funds, organise events and public relations work, develop study content, organise seminars and excursions and supervise students, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses.